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ACRL Talk on Systematic Reviews

Whitney and I were recently invited to give a talk on systematic reviews to an ACRL audience. The talk is on YouTube. I come in about halfway through. 



ACRL Report on the Value of Academic Libraries

Here is the list of recommendations from the report on how to effectively demonstrate your library's value:

  • Define outcomes
  • Create or adopt systems for assessment management
  • Determine what libraries enable students, faculty, student affairs professionals, administrators, and staff to do
  • Develop systems to collect data on individual library user behavior, while maintaining privacy
  • Record and increase library impact on student enrollment
  • Link libraries to improved student retention and graduation rates
  • Enhance library contribution to student job success
  • Track library influences on increased student achievement
  • Demonstrate and develop library impact on student learning
  • Review course content, readings, reserves, and assignments
  • Document and augment library advancement of student experiences, attitudes, and perceptions of quality
  • Track and increase library contributions to faculty research productivity.
  • Continue to investigate library impact on faculty grant proposals and funding,
    a means of generating institutional income
  • Demonstrate and improve library support of faculty teaching
  • Record library contributions to overall institutional reputation and prestige
  • Participate in higher education assessment initiatives
  • Engage in higher education accreditation processes
  • Appoint liaison librarians to support senior institutional leadership and/or offices of assessment or  institutional research
  • Create library assessment plans
  • Promote and participate in professional development
  • Mobilize library administrators
  • Leverage library professional associations 

Executive Summary of the Executive Summary: Documentation & Assessment.