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MLA Research Training Institute Launched


The Medical Library Association recently received a decent sum to create a research institute. The first will be held July 9-13, 2018. I'm on the faculty, full disclosure. If you would like devoted time to learn about the research process and help conducting a project of your own, then I encourage you to check it out. 

Application details are here. Scholarships are available to help offset the cost. Also check out Susan Lessick's recent write up about the project


Value and impact of health libraries and librarians

The Medical Library Association has recently added a page highlighting studies of librarian impact in health settings. The main themes that came out of the comprehensive searches that underpin the project were:

  • Librarians improve clinical decisions and quality of patient care
  • Librarian-lead training equips clinicians to deliver more rational, evidence-based care 
  • Librarians improve the quality of research
  • Librarians help reduce healthcare costs

The page will hopefully serve as an advocacy tool for those who need to demonstrate value and for stakeholders who would benefit from increased awareness of librarian impact. 

Disclosure: I was involved in the early stages of the project, identifying the core set of studies referenced throughout. We searched MEDLINE, Embase, CINAHL, Google Scholar, and other resources to find the topnotch studies. The goal wasn't too include all impact studies - there are a lot of them - but the strongest. If you would like us to add a new study, reach out to the main contact on the page (who is by strange coincidence the present author). 


Mark Funk's Great MLA '12 Lecture

Mark Funk's Janet Doe Lecture was the (programming) highlight of my MLA 2012 experience.  His story of librarianship as seen through a content analysis of the MLA Bulletin was ridiculously engaging.

Janet Doe Lecture, MLA 2012 from Leavesamark on Vimeo 

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One Library's Involvement in Medical Education

I'll be at MLA in Minneapolis over the weekend, presenting (poster-style) this timeline of our involvement in Medical Education.  #171.



Plain Language Medical Dictionary

A few of my colleagues at the Taubman Health Sciences Library won an Innovation Award at this year's Midwest MLA conference for the embeddable medical jargon translator below:

Read more about it in the Cornflower.

Grab the code here.