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Systematic Review Talk

 Earlier today a colleague and I gave a talk about systematic reviews as part of the Emergent Research Series. The thing below captures some of the talk and comments of those in the audience.

(Thanks for the Storify link, Patricia)



How Effective Are Poster Presentations?

I ask myself this everytime I hover around one of my posters.  The knowledge transfer is probably minimal, but the general networking opportunities are good (I think).  In any case, the article concludes that they're probably not the most effective things in the world:*

Based on current evidence, users should not use a standalone poster in an attempt to achieve knowledge transfer – rather, an integrated approach with supplemental material is required to achieve changes in user knowledge, attitude and behaviour. Well-designed empirical studies are required to establish an evidence base to inform how posters may best be developed and implemented in order to achieve successful knowledge transfer. [PubMed link]

Ilic D, Rowe N. What is the evidence that poster presentations are effective in promoting knowledge transfer? A state of the art review. Health Info Libr J. 2013 Mar;30(1):4-12. PMID 23413789.

* Which I'll no doubt be thinking about during my upcoming poster sessions at CGEA & MLA. (Shameless plug).



Reproducibility of Scientific Results

John Ioannidis on the reproducibility of research and the incompleteness of the scientific record.  It's engaging.



Mark Funk's Great MLA '12 Lecture

Mark Funk's Janet Doe Lecture was the (programming) highlight of my MLA 2012 experience.  His story of librarianship as seen through a content analysis of the MLA Bulletin was ridiculously engaging.

Janet Doe Lecture, MLA 2012 from Leavesamark on Vimeo 

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Constructing Systematic Review Searches

Last week I gave the following presentation (minus animations) as part of an intro to meta analyses course.  I spoke for about an hour and a half and gave a very short live demo of how I'd go about building and validating a systematic review search.  It seemed to be well received.