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Competency Framework for Systematic Reviews

A number of colleagues and I proposed a competency framework for librarians involved in systematic reviews. The result was published in JMLA


ACRL Talk on Systematic Reviews

Whitney and I were recently invited to give a talk on systematic reviews to an ACRL audience. The talk is on YouTube. I come in about halfway through. 



Latest version of Systematic Reviews: Opportunities for Librarians

The most recent offering of Systematic Reviews: Opportunities for Librarians wrapped up a week or so ago. We had a great group of participants, including Alison Bethel and Becca Abbott, who visited from the University of Exeter. In addition to attending the workshop, they gave us a presentation on their SR work and their unique use of Endnote to screen studies. They've posted videos of their method online. The first part:


There's also a Storify of the workshop's Twitter feed (Thanks Patricia):




Rapid Systematic Reviews

If you're efficient and methodical I don't see why you couldn't complete an SR in good time.  The number of results is a part of this, of course.  Some rare searches may bring back a few thousand, but I bet a good number of strategies would benefit from a more balanced eye than a sensitive one.  I try to get this across whenever I'm chatting about SRs to ppl, including those who attend our workshop.  

Schünemann HJ, Moja L. Reviews: Rapid! Rapid! Rapid! …and systematic. Systematic Reviews. 2015 Jan 14;4(1):4. doi: 10.1186/2046-4053-4-4. PMID: 25589399.


[this - among others - made its way through mon office]


Systematic Review Talk

 Earlier today a colleague and I gave a talk about systematic reviews as part of the Emergent Research Series. The thing below captures some of the talk and comments of those in the audience.

(Thanks for the Storify link, Patricia)